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Kentucky Board of Interpreters for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Board of Interpreters for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

The purpose of the Board of Interpreters for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is to administer and enforce the statutory authority and to monitor the needs of the consuming public. The board licenses all eligible candidates for entry into the profession of interpreting. It recommends appropriate changes in the law to assure fairness and equality. The board conducts formal hearings when necessary and prosecutes by due process any violators of KRS 309.300 to 309.319.

The board is a self-supporting agency and receives no General Fund tax appropriation.  It is funded entirely through fees assessed for licensing its professionals.

Please note: The Board of Interpreters for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing no longer issues ID cards for licensees.

The Office of Occupations and Professions anticipates online renewals will not be available after 4:00 PM on April 21, 2016, until further notice.  As we transition to a new platform, users may download forms from the “Resources” tab then “Applications and Forms”.   
Please avoid phone calls to Occupations and Professions staff during this period to allow processing of paper applications. Priorities will be given to occupations and professions without grace periods or to those with billing issues related to end of month licensure.
It is our hope this will be a brief interruption in our online abilities and the licensing system will be a substantial improvement in user access and expectations.

The Office of Occupations and Professions suggests completing your renewal at least two weeks prior to your expiration date.

 News and Updates


The board recently approved increasing fees for full and temporary licensees. The fee increases have been approved by the General Assembly; renewal and extension fees for licensees will increase to $125 annually. Fees for new applicants will increase as well such that total charges to apply and receive a license or temporary license initially will now total $175. These fee increases represent an increase of $50-$75 per licensee depending on your status as a temporary or full licensee. These fees do not include any assessment for late applications or reinstatements.